Patreon Preview – Her Fucking Thorax

In a teaser for Patreon episode #4, “Her Fucking Thorax,” Bix and Breen discuss “Sleepaway Camp” and its relationship with consent, ’80s movies that portray very obvious assaults as healthy sexual activity, whether or not human beings have thoraxes, and more.  To hear the whole show, go to and sign up for just $5/month to get a bonus podcast weekly!

Here’s the full description of the Patreon show:

It’s time for part two of Bix and Breen’s examination of 1983 slasher classic Sleepaway Camp…with SPOILERS for the movie’s shocking ending. With that in mind, the politics of the movie can be examined more closely, plus the one set of murders in the movie that’s completely incongruous, mustaches, and maybe even some COCK, for some reason. Enjoy!