Patreon Preview – Duhhhhhhhhh

In a teaser for Patreon episode #5, “Duhhhhhhhhh,” Bix and Breen discuss the horror that is GRIMACE SHAPE SHIFTING INTO A SURFBOARD and more insanity from the denizens of Grimace Island. Because McDonaldland-themed cartoons hate us. To hear the whole show, go to and sign up for just $5/month to get a bonus podcast weekly!

Here’s the full description of the Patreon show:

Bix and Breen crash Oceanic Flight 815 into the one and only Grimace Island in your latest heaping helping of premium audio. What do Grimaces have in common? Is Grimace descended from Jewish ancestry? How did Bix know Grimace an Birdie are, an fact, a canonical couple? WHY IS GRIMACE A SURFBOARD!?!?!? And much more.

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