Ep. #3 – Coke Crazy Duran Duran

Two Scoops is back with an all-Duran Duran, all the time episode. Bix and Breen talk about how they became Duran Duran fans, the ways the bands is mischaracterized by the media and people who haven’t tried listening to their music, why “The Chauffeur” is THE Duran Duran song, and more. Also: Jordan’s friend Karen Mills joins the show to talk about the Duran Duran logo stenciled on her walk-in closet wall throughout her childhood.


0:00:00 Intro & housekeeping
0:33:56 Duran Duran intro
0:44:00 Karen Mills’ Duran Duran wall (See the un-cropped photo)
0:58:11 Duran Duran discussion
2:04:41 Duran Duran discussion post-brain break & outro

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