Patreon Preview – Why You So Fucked Up?

In a teaser for Patreon episode #3, “Why You So Fucked Up?,” Bix and Breen discuss the Jewishness of “Sleepaway Camp” as well as some of the proclivities of Artie, the titular camp’s resident pedophile and head cook. To hear the whole show, go to and sign up for just $5/month to get a bonus podcast weekly!

Here’s the full description of the Patreon show:

This week on the bonus show, Bix and Breen dive into the first of two parts(!) of their discussion of 1983 horror classic “Sleepaway Camp.” This one keeps going until we can no longer contain ourselves and have to talk about the twist ending and its implications. The next episode will pick up from there. Here, we discuss the movie in general, some of the most memorable scenes, the craziest dialogue, the weird specificity of, well, everything, and much more!

Ep. #4 – Now It’s A Color TV

This week on Two Scoops, Bix and Breen celebrate Halloween through the prism of the one and only Tim Curry. From It to his finest TV guest spots, it’s all here. Plus there’s plenty of talk about childhood fears and Home Improvement for some reason.


0:00:00 Intro & housekeeping
0:18:00 Stephen King’s It (and Home Improvement for some reason)
0:40:21 Criminal Minds
1:12:44 Tales From The Crypt

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