Ep. #1 – Zane Leopard

Welcome to the first episode of Two Scoops, a new podcast from Jordan Breen and David Bixenspan where we dive into…whatever we would talk about anyway (usually old and weird media) if we weren’t recording anything. In the debut show:

  • We explain our mission statement via our muse, American Gladiators great Wesley “Two Scoops” Berry.
  • The many, many, layers of martial artist/psychic/convicted child molester James Hydrick (that guy who James Randi exposed as not being telekinetic) are examined.
  • Possibly the most soul crushingly meta storyline in television history is recapped.

This is the mission statement show, so they won’t all be this long or weird, but we hope you enjoy it.


0;00:00 Intro
0:12:32 Mission Statement/Wesley “Two Scoops” Berry
0:45:03 James Hydrick
2:14:28 Closing Thoughts

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